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Sidevalve 12/50 and 12/60 14/75 Front Wheel Drive 6 Cylinders 4 Cylinders Speed Models The Fourteen TA21 to TC21/100 Alvis Healey TC108G to TF21

The Alvis Heritage Database

The Alvis Heritage Database is produced by the Alvis Owner Club and contains a wealth of information about the Alvis civil vehicles.

The information is organised in three distinct periods which fit with the history of Alvis:

The Vintage Period – Running to the 1st January 1931, the Vintage period covers Alvis period in racing, including at le Mans, the development of the 12/50 on which the success of the company was built and the Front Wheel Drive cars. The AOC does not maintain a register of these cars, however they are covered by our sister club, The Alvis Register.

The Pre War Period – The pre war period covers from the 1st January 1931 until the works was destroyed in the Luftwaffe raids on the night of 14th November 1940. It covers the period when Alvis established itself as a manufacturer of luxury cars that competed at the top level, whilst simultaneously manufacturing a range of cheaper 4 and 6 cylinder cars that met the Alvis quality criteria.

The Post War Period – The Post War period covers from the resumption of automotive production in 1946, through the sale of the automotive brand to Rover in 1964 and the conclusion of production in 1967. The models during this period being the members of the TA14 family and the various members of the 3L family.

The aim is to have the database continuously updated with information, images and texts from owners, members of the public and a variety of appropriate authoritative sources overseen by the Club. At this time, the known records for 7374 chassis have been uploaded and the Model Secretaries are starting to process of building information on each chassis record.

Not all models have been up loaded for a number of reasons at this time, therefore information on the following models has yet to be added.

  • Silver Eagle (PVT)
  • Silver Eagle 20
  • Crested Eagle
  • Firebird
  • 4.3 Litre
  • Straight 8
  • TA14
  • TB14
  • TB21
  • Alvis Healey
  • Burns Special

If you are interested to find information on a specific car, that you have either a chassis or registration for, then please go to the search tab and use the search facility provided.

We encourage owners and members of the public to suggest changes and to offer information about a specific car e.g photographs, documents and records of identifiable cars. Please follow the link on the individual car page to contact the relevant Model Secretary or use the propose changes to record button that can be found at the bottom of the individual car records.

At this time, the model held is the basic information that has been previously published in the various Model registers. Using the database, a census of members and their cars is about to commence which will both improve the basic data quality, but will also add considerably to the number of photographs of individual cars. We would suggest that checking back regularly to see how the information held changes for specific cars.

The ultimate aim is to have a complete picture by 2018/19 of all of the surviving Alvis cars so that in the marques centenary year, the information can be used to celebrate the marque.

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