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TD21 Series 2

TD21 Series 2 Description


The TD21 was visually refreshed in 1962 with the earlier cars being referred to as Series I and the new cars as Series II.

Changes from the Srs I were numerous and subtle and were introduced during the production run. Major changes included embedding the driving lights into the front of the car within the cabin vent air intakes, as had been proposed in earlier styling drawings.

The way that the rear number plate was illuminated was changed.

Wire wheels were offered, initially a 60 spoke pattern, quickly superseded by a 72 spoke wheel.

TD21 Srs II Saloon

Mechanically, the brakes moved to discs and most significantly a 5-speed ZF gearbox was introduced. This gearbox was used by other blue chip manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz and Maserati, which resolved the earlier issues created by the use of the Austin Gearbox.

As with the earlier Alvis, the Srs II attracted patronage from those who had position but did not feel a need to advertise it. Consequently the cars sold to what today might be seen as "A" list celebrities such as James Mason, Harry Andrews and Benjamin Britten.

Production totalled 289 cars, a respectable number for the short period, 1962 to 1963 that the car was in production.

Jonathan Huggett

TD21 Model Secretary

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