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TC108G Description

TC108 1

The long term availability of bodies from Mulliners and Tickford was a known problem almost from the start of 3 Litre production, so Alvis took steps to rectify the problem. By the time of the 1955 Earls Court Motor Show, the company was able to show the TC108G body style, which it had commissioned from well-known Swiss coachbuilder Hermann Graber of Berne.

The car picked up the mechanicals of the TC21/100 combined with a sharp new 2-door, 4-seat coupe body; which set the essential style of Alvis until the end of Alvis production.

As well as the 2 prototype cars, Graber supplied tooling to allow Willowbrook of Loughborough to commence limited production of bodies.

Willowbrook, whose experience was making Public Service Vehicles such as coaches, contributed to the design by replacing some Graber features including items like the dashboard.

TC108G 2

The production run was limited, with the production of bodies split between Graber and Willowbrook, the later cars picking up an initial reputation for quality control problems; such as issues with the paintwork etc.

The new styling, along with favourable press reports created new interest which neither Willbrook nor Graber could satisfy. Fortunately Alvis had already begun the task of finding a supplier that could match demand.

As a result, after only a short run of 37 cars, between 1955 and 1958, production switched to the definitive TD21 built by the London based Mulliner Park Ward.

The Alvis Archive Trust carries a further write up on the TC108G written by Nick Simpson, the AOC Technical Adviser which we recommend reading which can be found at See The Alvis Archive Trust, Rara Alvis.

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