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About the System

In order to provide manageable information about tens of thousands of cars they have been organised into a hierarchal data structure - Group; Model; SubModel; Derivative; Chassis Number.

  • The Group is a coarse level splitting the cars into general families either by the location where they were built or the technology employed to build them.
  • The Model defines a close relationship of cars, usually by their model type i.e. TA14.
  • The SubModel defines a set of cars which are the same.
  • The use of the Derivative depends on the SubModel in question but is generally used to pick out specific cars from the SubModel. For example these may be prototypes or body styles, or coachbuilders.

Individual car information is split into five sections - Chassis; Registrations; Owners; Technical specifications; Cosmetic Specifications and History.

  • There is only one chassis record per car which defines items specific to that chassis when new and cannot be changed during a car's history.
  • Registrations show the various registration numbers a car carries during its history.
  • Owners show the various owners that car has had.
  • Technical Specification shows technical details including engine numbers and coachwork type.
  • Cosmetic Specification shows colours and materials used inside and outside a car.
  • There can be several Registration, Owner, Technical Specification and Cosmetic Specification records for each car detailing how these have changed during a car's life.
  • History shows the activity of a car such as concours or competition successes, appearance in printed or video media or events such as motorshows or parades.

The left hand side browse menu allows you to drill down through the Groups, Models and SubModels whilst reading about each Model and SubModel to reach the chassis lists and from there to the individual cars. The search engine allows you to filter the information based on almost all of the data in the system to precisely pinpoint cars you wish to find.

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